Impact Hub NYC | New York City's Pioneers for Change
Urban Tribe movement tells the impact stories of entrepreneurs, artists and digital nomads, using their business, art & technology to further diversity & inclusivity.
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Impact Hub NYC | New York City’s Pioneers for Change

Impact Hub New York. / photo by Andy Fidel

New York City’s Pioneers for Change


Impact Hub NYC is a collaborative of like-minded individuals creating a #positiveimpact through their businesses as #social innovators. The networking space available by Impact Hub is unique while being an umbrella for new connections and opportunities.

It was a pleasure to be greeted at #ImpactHubNYC and have the chance to interview driven individuals, creating a positive impact in various spheres of the New York City.

Impact Hub NYC The Urban Tribe Movement

“Impact Hub NYC, a certified B Corporation, is a coworking & events space for a community of entrepreneurs, activists, creatives, and professionals taking action to drive positive social and environmental change.” —Impact Hub NYC

Roo Shamim the Member Experience Manager of Impact Hub Network, raised a lot of relevant points regarding community spaces, as well as the importance of diversity in collaborative environment.

Aundrea Tyler of Freedom of All Minds (FOAM), strives to unite like-minded and conscious individuals to collectively grow. The value of investing in local businesses in order to support economic growth..

Roo Shamim Impact Hub New York

It is motivating to go in a different country and discover a place with so many ambitious projects furthering inclusivity and collaboration. In their own way, these social entrepreneurs are  challenging the social norms while paving the way for a #culturechange.

Al Pj, the Executive Director and Founder of InspireBL, created this members only community of top executive and freelancers. Having partners in Hong Kong and Berlin, this business connects corporations with investors, as well as employers with employees. This resonates with the mission of collaborating with like-minded individuals.’

Likewise, Blake Ford the CEO and Founder of Zen Fit Rehab Studio, facilitates the accessibility of physical activities to low income urban communities. This business offers fitness classes, yoga, health, nutrition and life-coaching support, while promoting the inclusivity of LGBTQ.

Urban Tribe Movement North America Tour 2017
Piper Martz, CEO and Co-Founder, Human Seeds of Change, June 9th, 2017.

Doron Tal, the Founder of the app Track Tuner, uses music to induce and facilitate creative collaboration. Through this app, the user can work with other individuals across the globe to create music with a user-friendly software.

Impact Hub NYC facilitates the collaboration of pioneers and leaders, building a community aiming to provide accessible activities and services. These refreshing encounters supports the importance and relevancy that each individual has the power to make a difference. A collective growth is possible when each individual responsabilise themselves of the cause and effect of their actions, while aiming for the fruition of a #socialgood.

Impact Hub New York Urban Tribe Movement If you feel the vibe join the tribe
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When supporting social entrepreneur in constructive missions, we allow the world to grow towards a greater good exponentially. By increasing the relevancy of local businesses and the importance of collaboration, the #UrbanTribeMov had the honour to share meaningful moments, while extending the network of like-minded individuals accessible in this directory.

In New York City, everyone is doing something: either growing wings for themselves, or to shelter others growth. No matter where we are and what we do, when we do it together, we go much further.

If you feel the vibe, join the tribe –> here. Tell us how you’re creating a positive impact in society using business, art and technology.

Katherine Soad Bellini
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